Submissions and Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

TworavenS Publishing accepts submissions from everyone, whether you have a literary agent or not. All works submitted for consideration must have a word count of AT LEAST 40,000 words (unless poetry or a children's book). We accept electronic submissions, or you can mail your submission to: PO Box 404 Albion MI, 49224

The genres we will accept are: fantasy, westerns, romance, thriller, mystery, detective story, dystopia, horror, psychological, sci-fi, suspense, historical, action/adventure, anthologies, drama, chick lit, paranormal romance, supernatural, young adult, teen, new adult, true crime, poetry, and children's books. 

Genres we will NOT accept are: Dictionaries and encyclopedias.

If we didn't answer your question above, please feel free to use the form below to contact us.

How to Submit your Manuscript

To submit your work to Ridenour Publishing for consideration, email your manuscript to, or send by mail to: PO Box 404 Albion MI 49224. When sending your email or letter make sure that you have it formatted correctly or you will be automatically rejected. 

The subject of your email should include 'Submission' and the title of your book. For example: 'Submission - Book Title'.

When typing the body of your email, you MUST include your name, your pseudonym (if you have one), the genre of your book, approximate word count, a short bio, and a short synopsis of your book. 

Do not forget to attach your manuscript to the email!

We accept the following formats: PDF, doc, docx, rtf, jpg, jpeg. Then send your carefully constructed email - WITH ATTACHMENT - to us for review. Thank you so much for choosing to submit your work to TworavenS Publishing for consideration!

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